One year later

I cannot believe it has been a whole year! My little bitty baby is now a toddler. And I love it! I know so many people say they love the baby years, but I love watching him grow. The entire time I was pregnant, I pictured myself with a little buddy who walked and talked (and did what I said). Instead, I was presented with a bobbleheaded monkey-alien baby. Not what I signed up for! So watching Brandon learn to figure things out for himself and learn new words is a true joy. And he is beautiful! I am in awe of this little boy every single day. I still can’t believe I grew him in my tummy.

So what has my little bobbleheaded monkey-alien baby grown into? He is confident, curious, independent (as much as someone who shits their pants can be), silly and charming. He loves everyone he meets. He is busy, always moving and getting into things. Now that he is older, he is becoming a little bit of an a-hole at times, but that’s okay. He never wants me to kiss or cuddle him. He loves to throw his cups. He loves to throw things at the dog and feed her his dinner from his high chair. He often holds out his food for his dad or me to take a bite. He is always making us laugh.

As for me, things have gotten better. Being a mom hasn’t been exactly what I expected. And it sucked that I got off to such a rocky start. I have learned so much in the last year, mostly through trial and error, but also from a zillion books and good advice from friends. Oh, and the Internet, of course. But I will save all that for another blog post.



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