When I met David, I thought, this guy is pretty nice. Actually, I went through a very confusing period where  I thought, why would someone this good love me?

We have been married nearly three years and I still wonder. But as for me loving him, oh my lord. If I could put this man in a bubble and protect him all througout his day, I would. I have never known love until I met David Michael Castille…

Until I met Brandon James Castille. Granted, it wasn’t immediate. But as the months have passed, I realize I would throw David in the river over Brandon. I’m not sure what type of insane person would give me that choice, but I would. David has fallen to the wayside.

Sure, I still love my husband, but Brandon is my #1 fella. And always will be.


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Brandon lately

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Let me bring you up to speed: Brandon is perfect!

He is nearly nine months old now, crawling everywhere and has about five teeth. He is very silly and makes me laugh every day. He loves everyone he meets. His face crumples if you tell him “no!” but he forgets about it within five seconds. He hates avocados and carrots but likes most everything else, especially prunes and green beans.

He has been keeping me so busy that it’s hard to find the time to write. But I’ll be better about posting next year. This blog is probably more for me than anyone because I don’t want to forget a minute!

My handsome little man

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