White people problems

This is a term I picked up from Adam Carolla, someone I tend to quote quite a bit. I see eye to eye with him on a lot of things (from what I’ve gathered via his podcasts and book) and we have a lot of the same pet peeves, etc. Anyway, a good example of a white people problem is something like: “I’m really pissed off the air conditioning in my Bentley went out. It’s going to cost me over $1000 to fix.”

I realized today, as I was laying by my pool, listening to a podcast and smoking a cigarette, that I have white people problems. Clearly, I am nowhere near the Bentley scenario league, but I do have it pretty good (despite that dark bad luck streak that does pop up quite often). Even my bad luck isn’t ever totally terrible. Let’s examine this using a few examples of my past/ongoing “hardships”:

I’ve been in two head-on collisions. (Who gives a shit? Everyone involved lived.)

A crazed man tried to break in my house when David was out of town. (I lived.)

I was laid off twice in one year. (I ultimately started working part-time from home and don’t have to go back to work full-time because my very hardworking husband knows I want to stay at home with our baby. Am I wearing Chanel and Prada? No, but I am still able to afford Ann Taylor Loft, Gap and the like, and that’s good enough for me.)

My favorite cat died. (Pets die. I got to spend 12 wonderful years with her.)

Someone stole my car. (At least I had a car to steal. It was recovered and repaired because I am lucky enough to be able to afford insurance for my car. And did I mention this car is paid off?)

I had a terrible labor and birth experience. (Poor me. I was able to get pregnant very easily, had an easy pregnancy for the most part and ended up with a healthy, beautiful baby.)

My recovery from my section was awful and extremely painful and I’m still dealing with it. (See above.)

I am overweight and don’t feel like I am half as pretty as I once was. (At my most recent physical, I was completely healthy. I’m working on the weight thing. And well, nobody stays pretty forever, I guess. As I said, I’m healthy and not completely hideous. I’m not going to look like I did in my 20s forever.)

Instead of instantly being a great mommy, I fell into a deep postpartum depression and struggle with it every day. (I have great health insurance that allows me to see a therapist once a week and afford antidepressants, etc. More importantly, I have an incredibly supportive husband.)

I could go on and on. Anyway, this blog is more for myself than it is anyone else. I have to remind myself (even though I loathe putting things into perspective) constantly that these are incredibly lucky problems to have. That my “bad luck” could be so much worse. So yeah, I have white people problems. Living in an air-conditioned home in a nice neighborhood with my sweet little family and pets? Again, poor, poor me.*

Today, a PostSecret entry really hit home with me. In fact, it’s sort of what prompted me to write this entry:

*Don’t get too comfortable with this Pollyanna entry. I’ll be back to my cynical self in no time, truly believing everything is the worst.


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