Feeling Squeem-ish

This is a post for all my friends who have recently had babies, are currently with child or are planning on having children in the future.

One word: Squeem.

I’ll explain in a bit. First of all, let me say that, unless you are truly a supermodel or an insane person, no one likes their belly postpartum. Prior to giving birth, I ordered a Belly Bandit and a Shrinkx Hips. Because I had an unexpected section and my abdomen was very sensitive, I did not get to use these binders right away as directed (optimal time for postpartum binding is within the first eight weeks); however, the binders I purchased were approved for women with section incisions. I tried the Shrinkx Hips first, but found my incision was way too sensitive for it. I then tried my Belly Bandit and loved it. It supported my incision and, more importantly, my back. Anyone who has had a section knows that you overcompensate for your weakened ab muscles by really overworking your back muscles, resulting in a very sore back for most of your recovery. I wore my Belly Bandit for a while and eventually had to order a smaller one (yay!). The problem with the Belly Bandit, however, is that I could only really wear it around the house–it is pretty obvious under clothing and secures with velcro, which you can sometimes hear when you sit down or move in certain ways.

So I got back on the Internet to do some more research and found a mom blog where a woman had tried the same binders I had and then some. She raved about the Squeem, which I had never heard of. Apparently, it wasn’t as bulky as most and used hook-and-eye closures versus velcro. I placed my order for the Squeem Classic Perfect Waist, which is the one the woman had recommended on her blog. I ordered it from Amazon and tried it for the first time today and it is wonderful! It really holds you in and isn’t bulky. While I don’t think you could wear a skintight dress over it, I can’t imagine anyone who has just had a baby would want to! It holds everything in and feels great.

Here is a link to the Squeem I ordered:


Also, I would like to say I have two pairs of these and like them too, but they aren’t for serious binding/compression:


So that is my take on postpartum binding/compression products. If you are lucky enough to have a vaginal birth or a not-so-sensitive incision/belly after having your baby, start wearing these suckers right away, no matter which one you decide on. And if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful flat tummy after giving birth, I hate you and we probably shouldn’t be friends.



June 10, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. Cyndi Dear-Owen replied:

    great advice! I’m having a planned C-section and had one with my first child so this really hits home with me. –

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