Where did his name come from?

Agreeing on a boy name was hard. We had decided forever ago, even before I was pregnant, that we would name a boy James. Later on, I decided against that and eventually conceded to it being a middle name for a boy. So that left us with the need for a first name. While we had no idea what we were having, we still had a feeling throughout most of my pregnancy that we were having a boy. I thought it was because I wanted a little boy so badly. Anyway, I would look everywhere for boy names–even in credits of tv shows, movies, etc. Nowhere was off limits–I just needed to hear one I really liked and then get David to agree to it!

Very early in my pregnancy, I wanted to listen to the song “Read My Mind” by the Killers all the time. It put me in such a good mood. It was like I craved that song. I could listen to it over and over (this continued throughout my pregnancy). In the car one day, on the way home from a doctor’s appointment, as I replayed the song for the zillionth time, it hit me: Brandon. Brandon Flowers is not only the lead singer of the Killers, but he wrote the song as well. I called David and told him the name and the rest is history.

Throughout my pregnancy, I would put my iPhone on my belly and play this song to my growing baby on a regular basis. One of the first nights Brandon was home, I played this song for him and sang along to it. He instantly calmed down and seemed to really be listening to it. I like to think he remembered the five zillion times he heard it in the womb. I still play it for him and sing it to him almost every day.

And that’s how our boy came to be named Brandon. And how this song officially became my favorite song.

April 14, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. Emily Dunlap replied:

    I believe that song will always comfort Brandon. When I was pregnant with Mitchell, I listened to and sang a song to him every morning on my way to work.( I won’t say what song because you would make fun of me!!! ) When he was a baby, I would put it on when he’d cry and he would instantly calm down. As he got older, I would sing it to him as I rocked him to sleep. Now he is almost five and every night I put the song on repeat for 30 minutes as he is falling asleep. It’s amazing to know that they really do hear when they are in our bellies.

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