Why, Baby, why?

Yesterday was the due date. Where is the baby, you ask? The baby is still hanging out in my belly, seemingly in no hurry to vacate the premises.

Last night I had my first taste of alcohol since I’ve found out I was pregnant back in July. The small glass of red wine I allowed myself to slowly consume tasted so darn good. I wanted a cigarette too, but David said that was not allowed because he decided the last time he smoked (a few weeks ago) that he really wants us to quit together. I reminded him he could have quit with me back when I quit in July rather than living it up and smoking off and on the last nine months. This did not sway him. And I really didn’t want to go buy cigarettes while nine months pregnant. I do have a shred of dignity left, after all.

Speaking of dignity loss, a few days ago I sneezed and peed a little. David looked so alarmed when it happened because all he was aware of was me sneezing and then hollering FUCK (maybe I said SHIT!, but knowing me, it is more likely I used the f-word)! Granted, I was standing up (so all the baby’s weight was on my bladder) when it happened, but still. It was another thing I thought would not happen to me because I had made it nearly 40 weeks without it happening. Last night, I sneezed twice in a row and didn’t piss myself. It was a real triumph.

Anyway, I was really hoping to have the baby today, as it is K’s birthday and she and I both had hoped for a birthday baby for her. Her due date is a few weeks after my birthday, so I was hoping she could return the favor and pop her baby girl out early. I know today is not over yet, but I’d really have to skedaddle if I were to give birth before midnight.


March 13, 2011. Uncategorized.

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