Thirteenth doctor’s appointment, 39 weeks

David summed it up best this morning in the doctor’s office while we were in the examining room waiting on the midwives: “You are so over pregnancy. It’s actually funny how over pregnancy you are.” After yesterday, a day where I essentially spent the entire day in bed, crying, I think he was glad to get a laugh out of me. Funny thing about these pregnancy hormones–yesterday I felt as hopeless as could be, today is not quite as bad.

So here are today’s stats: I’m 39 weeks, 3 days pregnant. My weight has gone down a couple of pounds from last time (this is a true triumph, considering I ate Johnny’s and petit fours last night–can you tell David was really trying to cheer me up?) and my blood pressure was 128/68. The baby’s heartbeat was 128 bpm. And that was about it. The midwives assured me it was not abnormal at this point in the pregnancy to lay in bed and cry as I did yesterday. I did lose some (or the entire? who knows?) of my mucus plug over the weekend, but I know that doesn’t mean anything. From all I’ve read/heard, it simply means you will give birth sometime between the next 2 hours and 2 weeks. Real specific. I am hereby declaring the mucus plug to be the most useless part of pregnancy.

My next appointment is March 18. Surely this baby will be here before then!?!?


March 8, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. emily replied:

    i figured you are going to domino any sec – so just wanted to say congrats and good luck!!!

    the emily formerly known as brittain

  2. Emily and David replied:

    Thanks, Emily! I’m going to need all the good luck I can get–starting to get nervous.

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