Twelfth doctor’s appointment, 38 weeks

Yes, I am still pregnant. Apparently I will be pregnant forever. While I understand it is the norm for first-timers to go past 40 weeks, I was still hoping for an early miracle.

I am feeling much better this week. Still feeling nauseated off and on, though. I gained one pound since my last visit. My blood pressure was 114/76 and baby’s heartbeat was 125 bpm. Baby is still in prime position but seems to be pretty comfy in there for the time being. The midwives estimate the baby will probably end up being between 8 and 9 lbs. That is going to smart something fierce coming out of my bottom, I tell you what.

Up until a few days ago, I was having contractions nearly around the clock. That has subsided since I’ve recovered and rehydrated from my dance with diarrhea. I was really getting my hopes up that labor was just around the corner! I talked to the midwives about things I’m doing to try to get me primed and ready to go into labor. I confirmed that I was religiously taking my evening primrose oil. I told them David and I even had sex, to no avail. They laughed and informed me it would take more than one time. Uh, how come no one has ever mentioned that to me before? People always act like they have sex when heavily pregnant and BAM! they are in the delivery room an hour later. I think this sex-starting-labor thing is a myth. It is probably a lie made up by some man whose pregnant wife wouldn’t do it with him.

One more appointment before my due date!!



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