Eleventh doctor’s appointment, 37 weeks

So last week I got sick. I have managed to not get sick my entire pregnancy and I was really thrilled this happened at one of the most uncomfortable points of gestation. Because I managed to not get a cold or anything easy, but I apparently had a virus or food poisoning of some sort. And whatever this was that I had seemed hellbent on exiting through my ass alone. After enduring 24 hours of nausea and digestive assault, I called the doctor’s office and they instructed me to take Imodium and to stay hydrated. I HATE Imodium. While it stops the diarrhea, I still have the nausea (took Zofran for that), abdominal cramping and the sensation of needing to go. But my behind needed a break so I took the drug. It provided some relief but things started right back over the weekend. I was miserable. I was pretty sure I was on my way to being dehydrated because I kept having contractions, some of which were coming pretty strong, long and at regular intervals. Baby seemed fine and active as ever, so I wasn’t too concerned.

We went to the doctor yesterday morning. I had not had a great day on Tuesday because I was still feeling really sick. I was also very aggravated because I not only emailed the office, but I had called them as well to let them know I was still sick. No one got in touch with me at all on Tuesday. And this is not the first time that’s happened. Don’t get me wrong–the people at the office itself are great but the messaging system is where the problems start. Every time I get pissed off about them not returning my calls and complain to them about it, they seem to share in my frustration. The midwife yesterday told us they are pushing for a dedicated line so things like this will stop happening. Yet again, this backs up my belief that I should be allowed to just go off into the woods and have my baby alone when the time comes. Anyway, she said my stomach is probably just all messed up from having a virus, not to mention that it is fairly common for some women to experience diarrhea as they near their due date.

As for the rest of the visit, I had lost between 4 and 5 pounds since last week, likely due to my poop party. My blood pressure was 118/70 and the baby’s heartbeat was 125 bpm. She felt on my belly, which must be stretched to its limit at this point because she asked if I was having a contraction at that moment because it was so tight. I was not.

After my visit, I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted and felt great afterward. I was feeling so good, in fact, I got cocky and tempted the stomach gods by going to IHOP with my mother-in-law for an early lunch (breakfast for lunch, actually). Last night, I pushed a little too far and had dinner at Superior. By 10 p.m., my stomach was not pleased with me and I’m pretty much back to Diarrhea Town, USA, population 1. Looks like bananas and yogurt for me for a while.



February 24, 2011. Uncategorized.

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