Tenth doctor’s appointment, 36 weeks

It’s really hard to believe I’ll be 37 weeks on Saturday! It’s so exciting to know the baby will be full-term at that point.

At my visit yesterday, the baby’s heartbeat was 140 bpm and my blood pressure was 125/80, so things are looking good. Baby’s head is still down. As I did last week, I declined a cervical dilation check. This midwife (also the same one I saw last week) told me they have to ask but that she really doesn’t like poking around in people’s vaginas unless she has a good reason, which I think is a solid attitude for anyone to have really, whether they are in the medical profession or not.

We discussed the positive GBS test and she is on the same page as me with the way I feel about it. She did tell me that I’m the patient and the mom, so it’s ultimately my decision. Even if they retested me in a couple of weeks and I tested negative, they would still recommend the antibiotics because it is just their policy if someone tests positive in the last month or so. After hearing everything she had to say, I’ve decided to just go ahead and have them because she indicated I would catch a lot of shit for not having them after testing positive, and it’s possible it could delay us taking home the baby because the pediatrician, etc., would be extra cautious and want to probably do unnecessary blood tests on the baby and whatnot. I’ve kind of learned a lot of having a baby is picking your battles and this one just isn’t important enough to me. Even though I know the chances are super slim that the GBS could affect the baby, what if it did? Well, I would never forgive myself!

So now I wait for the baby to decide to come out. I am so uncomfortable and so ready.

February 17, 2011. Uncategorized.

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