GBS, etc.

I tested positive for GBS, which I was expecting since it is pretty common. I really don’t want to have antibiotics during labor. I think I am going to ask them to retest me in a couple of weeks or see if it’s possible for them to do a rapid strep test at the time of labor.

I can’t believe I will be 36 weeks tomorrow! It’s crazy. I am so ready to just get all this over with and meet our baby. Still lots to do, though. We moved into the new house last weekend and things are still all over the place. Mainly I have a lot of organizing (my least favorite thing) to do. And David is going to put the second coat of paint on the nursery this weekend. We will definitely be cutting things close but that’s okay. We have lots of help and I have no doubt everything will get done.

I feel really good today. I had a deep-tissue massage/acupuncture session earlier and that always makes me feel rejuvenated and happy. I’m looking forward to my third, and final, baby shower tomorrow. It’s a coed shower with a bunch of old friends so it should be a great time. Tomorrow is also one of our last “classroom” days. We have a baby basics class given by our doula group. I am guessing they teach you how to basically not f up the baby, which is always helpful information to have. Next week we’ll be going to our last class, which is infant CPR. We’re taking that at the General. As you can see, David and I are committed to keeping the baby alive and well once it is in our possession.

That’s about it for now. My next appointment is Wednesday so I should have an update then.


February 11, 2011. Uncategorized.

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