Eighth and ninth doctor’s appointments (33 weeks and 35 weeks)

For my last two appointments, I saw two different midwives I had never met and I loved both of them.  Also found out that one I didn’t care for no longer works there and another one I had grown disenchanted with was going back to just being a regular nurse. So chances are good one of the midwives I really like will end up delivering the baby. I am meeting another new one next week so I hope this trend of being really impressed with them keeps up.

For my 33 weeks appointment, I had printed out my birth plan to bring for them to sign off on and put in my file. I typed it up the day before and e-mailed it to David for him to print and he actually added a couple of things to it, which I thought was really sweet. He wanted to make sure he got to cut the cord and also that no one reminded me of time/milestones during labor (such as centimeters dilated, amount of time I’ve been pushing, etc.) because he knows I find being aware of stuff like that very stressful, and it is more likely to stall my labor than motivate me in any way. Anyway, the midwife discussed my plan with me and then proceeded to check on the baby’s position. Head down! Yay, baby!

After that appointment, we headed over to the birthing center for a tour. It was very nice! The girl who was showing us everything apologized because they were having a very busy morning, but I saw no evidence of stress and/or chaos, which I liked. Everyone seemed very calm, quiet and friendly. The labor rooms are huge and there are televisions mounted on the walls above the huge birthing tubs. Hopefully I will go into labor during a good show! All in all, I was very impressed and happy with what I saw.

This morning was my ninth doctor’s appointment. As of today, since my very first PL appointment back in July, I have gained 26 pounds. The midwife seemed very pleased with this progress although it makes me want to throw things. My blood pressure was 110/60 and the baby’s heartbeat was 154. Baby is still super active. And still head-down! I had my Group B strep test done today. I have been furiously ingesting extra vitamin C and probiotics (ones specifically for my downtown areas) so I will hopefully not have GBS and can avoid having antibiotics during labor. But most people test positive for it, so I’m not holding my breath. Even if someone has it and isn’t treated with antibiotics, the chances of it affecting the baby are very slim. But I’m not going to get started on that. Anyway, I’ll find out the results next week.

The midwife thinks the baby probably weighs around 6 to 6.5 pounds right now. Crazy, huh? She thinks he/she will probably be around 7.5 to 8 pounds by the time I deliver. We’ll see how right she is soon! She said there was definitely no more room in my short torso. Hopefully the baby gets the memo and will not become enormous.

So that’s that. I am so ready for this baby to be here! I’ve been having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and horrible heartburn, not to mention I’ve been peeing like crazy–five more weeks of this is going to be torture. I have to go to the doctor every week from now until I deliver. I made four more doctor’s appointments today and I’m really hoping I don’t end up having to go to all of them!

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