Seventh doctor’s appointment, 31 weeks

This was my favorite appointment so far. I saw one of the new midwives (I met her once when she was still in training) and really liked her. She was very doting and sweet. I started out the appointment by weighing in as usual and found I gained 5 pounds, so that’s an improvement from that scary 7-pound gain the month before. I am reporting it in this post since it’s not as bad as I thought. Blood pressure was good as usual (100/60) and the baby’s heartbeat was 150 bpm. As usual, the baby was active and moving about. I am starting to wonder if Baby Castille ever rests!

The midwife told me I’m anemic and suggested I take Floradix, a liquid iron supplement that has a better absorption rate than iron tablets and won’t stop me up (thank jesus!). She also recommended I take it with extra vitamin C to enhance absorption. Another supplement she recommended was Vitamin D. So after a quick trip to Whole Foods later that week, I was all set with my additonal supplements. I now take something at every meal like an old lady.

Another tidbit of interesting info the midwife gave me was to drink warm prune juice if I was having any bathroom issues. Seriously, try this, even if it’s just for fun, because it works.

The best part of this doctor’s visit was the midwife checking the position of the baby. It was really cool because she could feel the head, butt, everything! What was not cool was that during this, David was playing on his phone and ignored the midwife asking him if he wanted to come feel the baby. Being a bit more hormonal and less kind than the midwife, I barked, “Put down your damn iPhone and come feel this baby!” and he jumped to attention. I forgave him, though, because I could tell he felt bad. He got to feel all the main parts of the baby through my tummy and it was very exciting. We kept laughing because the midwife exclaimed not once, but twice, over how strong my ab muscles are! HA! Yes, my abs were rock hard before all this. Anyway, she managed to overcome my abs of steel and detect that the baby was head-down still, so that is good. Stay put, baby!

Next appointment will be at 33 weeks and we will also take a tour of the birthing center! Yay!


January 17, 2011. Uncategorized.

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