The three-hour glucose tolerance test

So I found out I failed the glucose screen, which is not uncommon. I was livid when I found out, not because I failed it but because of how I was notified. I took the test on a Wednesday and the midwife I saw for my appointment afterward told me she would notify me by the following Friday if I needed to come back in for the longer test. That Friday came and went with no call so I assumed I passed and had successfully avoided the big test. Not only did that Friday pass with no call, but the entire following week nearly passed until I got a call the next Friday from Ochsner telling me I had failed the screen and needed to schedule a glucose tolerance test. I was pissed my midwife didn’t do what she said she would do and I let them know that. David also called to let them know that. I declared I would not take that goddamn three-hour test because lots of people failed the first one and ended up being fine. I also declared I would never see that particular midwife again. I decided to buy a home test kit and monitor my glucose levels myself.

Well, of course after a couple of weeks, I started to feel guilty, especially every time I ate a cookie or drank a Coke. Even though I was pretty sure I did not have gestational diabetes, I knew I’d never forgive myself if I did and wasn’t taking care of it. Plus, I kept envisioning myself having a big-ass baby, one of the things that is likely to happen if I have GD but wasn’t taking care of it. So I scheduled the stupid test.

I did the test last week and it wasn’t so bad. It was mostly just boring. Pregnancy has really made having my blood taken a breeze. There is still the whole nausea factor, in that I don’t like seeing the needle going into my arm or seeing how many vials they are about to take. But as long as I look away, I am okay. All four of the blood tests went off without a hitch, even though one of the chicks was kind of a bitch, but whatever. I thought I was going to fail the test for sure because my fasting blood glucose had sort of an elevated result (112). They wouldn’t tell me the rest of them, insisting they had to send them to the lab in New Orleans. I don’t really get why they were able to tell me my first result immediately, but not my subsequent results.

As for finding out the final result, I took matters into my own hands and activated my account on the clinic’s email notification system (where they remind you of appointments, send you test results, etc.). Got the notification Monday morning that I passed. Hooray! Although I think the nurse who drew my fasting blood sample is a filthy liar because my results say that my fasting was 95, not 112. My one-hour was 156; two-hour was 146; three-hour was 108. I have celebrated these results with a delightful assortment of candy the last few days.

Ultimately, I’m glad I took the test for peace of mind. I was not pleased with how my arm looked afterward though. The mean nurse didn’t bandage my arm tightly enough after the final draw, so the blood pooled up right underneath my skin, causing me to look like a drug addict:


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