A day that will live in infamy

For most couples, the romance dies in the delivery room. I decided to kill it prematurely at noon on December 16, 2010:


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Sixth doctor’s appointment, 26 weeks

Between work and my general laziness, I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately! I returned to the doctor’s office Wednesday to do my blood glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes, then had an ultrasound to check on my placenta/cervix situation and topped it all off with a regular checkup.

I didn’t really want to do the blood glucose test because I think it is unnecessary for a lot of reasons. But it’s one of the things I have given in on because it makes David more comfortable without really hurting/inconveniencing me in any way. Several people have told me how horrible the stuff is to drink. Um, I think these people need to calm down. I was truly expecting something horrid. I felt a little better when one of my friends who did the test about a week before me told me it just tasted like flat orange soda. She was correct. It wasn’t bad at all. Would I want to drink it all the time? No, but it did not taste like thick, sugary death juice like everyone else was saying. Considering all the other stuff that happens during pregnancy, it should be the least of anyone’s concern. So I drank it in one gulp and then had to wait an hour before they drew my blood. I was glad I had David with me because, seriously, there is no place more depressing than the Ochsner waiting rooms. Or any doctor’s waiting rooms, I guess. Old people? Check. Sick people? Check. Poor people? Check. Actually most of them possess all three qualities. So I was glad I had my husband to keep me entertained as we looked up funny stuff on our phones and laughed ourselves silly. After I had my blood drawn (like a champ! David was so proud), we headed upstairs for the ultrasound.

Over the last few weeks, my worry and fear subsided over the placenta previa situation because I read how common it is for the situation to resolve itself and not be a problem at all. And guess what? It did! We are so happy and relieved. Baby Castille was moving like crazy (as it always is these days) and we could see its feet dancing on my cervix during the transvaginal ultrasound (they did one of those to check out the placenta situation better). As funny as that was to see, we were kind of worried that meant the baby had flipped, but the ultrasound tech did a belly ultrasound and it showed the baby just had its feet up by its head. Also, I would like to note that I was very taken aback when the ultrasound tech asked if I wanted to insert the transvaginal thing myself. No, thank you, lady! I did not come here to be put to work.

At the appointment with the midwife, I discovered that after this post, I will likely not be mentioning the amount of weight I’ve gained each time. This time, I had my biggest weight gain of 7 lbs and wanted to go home, crawl under the covers and die when she told me how much she expected me to gain by the time this is all over. She assured me that even though it was more than I anticipated, it was still within the normal range and that many people gain substantially more. It still made me rather upset and testy. My blood pressure is still good (110/70 again) and everything else seems fine. We discussed a few things about the birth itself. She made a note that I want a room with a birthing tub when I go into labor. I told her I absolutely did not want an IV unless I tested positive for Group B Strep and had to have the antibiotics. She told me it was hospital policy that I have a Hep-Lock in case of an emergency. I am not happy about that. I knew David was secretly cheering inside because even though he hasn’t pushed me on it, he has wanted me to at least have the Hep-Lock during labor. But I guess it could be worse. I am still going to try to weasel my way out of it on the big day, though.

So my third trimester starts tomorrow. I won’t have another appointment for another month. After that, I will go every two weeks for a while and then every week as the big day nears. The midwife told me if I wanted, I could go ahead and start the two week intervals now, rather than waiting a month. I was like, no way. I am so sick of the appointments. I wish everyone would just leave me alone and let me birth like a cat or dog, perhaps in a cozy box in a closet or something.

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