I’m calling bullshit on pregnancy cravings

Since I’ve been pregnant, every time I eat ANYTHING, whether it be crackers or caviar, people say with a knowing smile, “Ahhh, yeah, cravings, huh?”


Here’s what: I’ve had cravings since I was born. And I crave normal things, weird things, salty things, greasy things, sweet things, etc. You name it, I’ve craved it. I’ve always loved sour candy. I’ve always loved salt and vinegar chips. Let’s be honest, there is not much in the way of food that I don’t love.

I think the whole pregnancy craving myth stems from two things:

1. During your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, a lot of things you used to love to eat don’t sound so great anymore. Pre-pregnancy, I was not a picky eater by any means. My first trimester, nothing sounded good to me. David spent a ton of money and time trying to find food I would eat. Here is what happened most of the time: he would present the food to me, I would take one bite, grimace, shake my head and then not eat any more. He spent more time and money cooking very specific things for me and I would react the same way. I got to the point where I had to figure out what exactly would not make me feel nauseated. If that meant I ate an entire bowl of edamame as my dinner, so be it. Of course, once I figured out something that wouldn’t make me want to throw up, I would eat it every day for a week. A week was usually the limit because after that, I would have to figure out something different that didn’t make me feel queasy. And, boy, was I specific during this time. One week I ate only avocado, tomato and cheddar cheese sandwiches. There had to be more avocado than anything else. The avocado and tomato had to be COATED in Lawry’s seasoning salt. And the cheddar had to be regular orange sharp cheddar cheese slices. And I would only eat it on a certain kind of honey wheat bread–Nature’s Own, I believe. Then I went through the cantaloupe and cottage cheese phase: chunks of cantaloupe on top of a generous helping of cottage cheeese with an even more generous helping of salt poured all over it. And so on. But I never CRAVED any of this. It was a process of elimination style of eating. I eliminated anything that tasted yucky to me. I would have eaten these things pre-pregnancy.

2. I think skinny girls use pregnancy as a nine-month pass to eat all the shit they deprive themselves of usually. Clearly, I am not in touch with this tactic. But, yeah, when someone who usually eats celery sticks and nary a carb all of a sudden wants to inhale hot-fudge sundaes when they’re pregnant, they have the old pregnancy craving excuse to fall back on.

Now that I’m in my second trimester (nearly 19 weeks!), the whole food thing is becoming a lot easier. Last night, I even ate Johnny’s, which is SO weird. I mean, I never crave Johnny’s outside of pregnancy…


October 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Ann Marie replied:

    Dude, Johnny’s?? That’s CRAZY!!! And, seriously…that avocado and tomato sam’ich sounds awesome.

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