Judge away (behind my back of course)…

Q: Were you trying to get pregnant?

A: No,  not really. I went off birth control in October and we decided whatever happens, happens. Apparently whatever was meant to happen happened one evening in June, most likely on a night when there wasn’t really anything to watch on TV.

Q: When is your due date?

A: March 12, 2011. As I write this, I am nearly 14 weeks.

Q: Are you going to find out the sex?

A: No. Well, we are hoping it becomes pretty clear upon delivery. So we’ll find out then.

Q: Do you have any names picked out?

A: Sort of. If we have a girl, she’ll likely be Carson. Juliet used to be our number-one girl name and we still love it, but the idea of having a cute little girl named Carson Castille is just too hard to resist! There is no doubt if we one day have two girls, we would use Juliet, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As for boy names, I really like Fletch. David thinks Fletcher is a good name but he is still not 100 percent on board. I am not really keen on naming him Fletcher because I know I would call him Fletch anyway. We’ll see–still lots of name discussions to be had.

Q: Who is your doctor?

A: Honestly, I have yet to see my doctor. I have seen the nurse-midwives who work in the same practice. I am totally fine with using a midwife. I haven’t settled on a particular one and probably won’t. I don’t want to get stuck on one midwife because she will likely not be available the day I go into labor anyway. Of course, if I become a high-risk pregnancy or require medical intervention, my doctor is available to me.

Q: Where are you having the baby?

A: At the Family Birthing Center at Ochsner Medical Center.

Q: Are you going to have drugs?

A: I really only like recreational drugs, so most likely not. I am going to try to go without an epidural. Midwives are well-versed in natural births. We’ve hired a doula as well. Of course, I am going to do whatever is best for the baby and me. I know things don’t always go as planned. Ideally, though, I would like to have a natural birth. I am leaning pretty heavily toward doing a water birth too.

I think these cover most of the questions we’ve been asked; however, I am happy to answer any others. A lot of my friends don’t have babies and I want to be as open and honest as possible about everything.


September 10, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. leah replied:

    What’s a doula?

  2. leah replied:

    Kidding – actually know that one – love you & david & all the many babies

  3. Angela replied:


    Like, Chevy Chase?

    • Emily and David replied:

      I didn’t choose it for that reason but if the association helps you, then yes.

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