I am pregnant; David is not

Welcome to our new blog! I can only imagine the four people interested in our baby are thrilled. Yes, I still have my goodinplenty blog but that is clearly no place for talk of babies and family. Here, I will post updates on my pregnancy and our preparations for our new addition. Once Baby Castille is here, I will become even more lame and post riveting blogs about the baby and what the baby is doing. I expect our readership to be down to David’s mom alone around that time.

While David is certainly thrilled about the tiny fetus who is currently wreaking havoc on my body, WE are not pregnant. I am pregnant. There is no “we” in pregnancy. It is a lonely, uncomfortable time where you want to murder everyone, especially people who are living it up with their cigarettes and booze. I’m looking at you, David.

September 8, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Misty replied:

    I’m so glad you started this! For years, it has confused me that people say, “we’re pregnant.” Um, no, only one of you is pregnant. Finally some truth up in all of this.

  2. Sam replied:

    I love ur blogs and I hated being pregnant, so I will be following this as well!! Lov ya and look forward to ur post. Oh and play me back on WWF!!!!

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